multimodal Video chat services
The web meets the desktop and telephones

While a member of the Hangouts Meet UX team and part of the broader GSuite organization,
I helped design a prototype desktop app to better serve enterprise customers with infrastructure
limitations. Third party browser support for Google’s Web RTC technology was in flux and while other
Gsuite products support other browsers, Hangouts meet needed to find an alternate distribution
of their web app.
My role was two-fold, one in helping to develop a prototype Windows & Mac adaptation of the webapp
based on the Chromium Embedded Framework and secondly in framing a more robust Hangouts-Meet-
to-telephone connection that lived in the webapp.
Worked in Google’s Material 2 visual language. Collaborated with the Material team to determine
native OS (and dark mode) appropriate applications as the language was not developed to live
in these kinds of situations.

google 02.png
google 03.png